A few photo's from when I was out exploring a bit and I came across this.. a giant's footprint? I was so confused and still am right now. It's massive, probably about 3 times as big as my little size 5 feet.. What do you think it is? Such calm and breathtaking views, over the… Continue reading Exploring


Up in the sky

I love this place, this is a photo of the car park where I usually go 'up in the sky.' I really do love it here it's absolutely beautiful. It just feels like you are actually standing in the clouds. A totally different feeling, it's so blissful. Heavy hearts, like heavy clouds in the sky,… Continue reading Up in the sky


It’s the simple things

So, no crazy driving miles for me today, because I'm feeling a bit under the weather. I just decided to go somewhere quite close by. I found this beautiful photo opportunity of the blue sky trying to come through the rain/thunder clouds. It is honestly the simple things in life and nature that I love… Continue reading It’s the simple things