This is just a little poem I wrote trying to explain my panic attacks and anxiety. I hope you like it.. It's as you begin, to come sneaking in. In to my body and into my mind, How is the energy so hard to find? You take over my emotions and my soul, And, I'm… Continue reading Anxiety



You make me feel so comfortable with you, Something like I’ve never knew. I always get butterflies in my tummy when I see your name, But do you actually feel the same? Talking all night or listening to our favourite songs, It’s starting to feel like that's where I belong. It’s like my heart and… Continue reading Feelings



You think that you can define me, That I'm just another tick in the box, That my being is a door, That a single key unlocks, But let me tell you something, I have the universe inside, I hold a large untamed ocean, With a constant changing tide, You don't know how it feels, When… Continue reading Undefined