Fragile things in nature

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A friendly reminder

It's when you're down and feel like everything is going wrong. Sometimes you just need a friendly reminder that everything will be okay in end. Follow me on Instagram E-mail me Lots of love, 🐝x



This is just a little poem I wrote trying to explain my panic attacks and anxiety. I hope you like it.. It's as you begin, to come sneaking in. In to my body and into my mind, How is the energy so hard to find? You take over my emotions and my soul, And, I'm… Continue reading Anxiety



You make me feel so comfortable with you, Something like I’ve never knew. I always get butterflies in my tummy when I see your name, But do you actually feel the same? Talking all night or listening to our favourite songs, It’s starting to feel like that's where I belong. It’s like my heart and… Continue reading Feelings


Stay positive

Alot of the time when we're down, we often tend to think of just the negatives. Stay happy and positive, don't hold your feelings and thoughts all inside and try and handle things on your own.. it's the worst thing that you could do. Over thinking situations is our own fears, but we just don't… Continue reading Stay positive


Clicking captures

Hey readers, well the rain didn’t stay off for long, did it? This was my view, from my car window, while waiting on my cappuccino at McDonald's. You gotta treat yourself, right? I really don’t know why, but I find rain so fascinating, calming and beautiful. Why so I find it so captivating? Hope yous… Continue reading Clicking captures


Beauty of nature

Hey readers, just a peaceful day for mindful walk. (While the rain is off!) I love walking and just being in nature in general. I find nature just so fascinating. All of the beauty, the colours and the amazing things I stumble upon in the wilderness. I love this place, especially on such a calm… Continue reading Beauty of nature