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Calvados and honey glazed ham with baked apples and parsnips recipe

Try something different for this year’s Christmas dinner showpiece. This deliciously succulent gammon is scored to better allow the rich, festive blend of fruity calvados, sweet honey and strong mustard to seep into the meat. Get ahead with this Christmas dinner recipe and boil the gammon the day before, to save yourself time until you… Continue reading Calvados and honey glazed ham with baked apples and parsnips recipe



You make me feel so comfortable with you, Something like I’ve never knew. I always get butterflies in my tummy when I see your name, But do you actually feel the same? Talking all night or listening to our favourite songs, It’s starting to feel like that's where I belong. It’s like my heart and… Continue reading Feelings


Up in the sky

I love this place, this is a photo of the car park where I usually go 'up in the sky.' I really do love it here it's absolutely beautiful. It just feels like you are actually standing in the clouds. A totally different feeling, it's so blissful. Heavy hearts, like heavy clouds in the sky,… Continue reading Up in the sky


A beautiful life force

Hey readers, it’s just a lovely day today (for a change) and I’m enjoying it, while I can! Just sitting here writing away in my notepad, while admiring some calming views. Especially after such a hectic start to my week, it's well needed. Just by the sea.. a beautiful life force that never ends and… Continue reading A beautiful life force


Beauty of nature

Hey readers, just a peaceful day for mindful walk. (While the rain is off!) I love walking and just being in nature in general. I find nature just so fascinating. All of the beauty, the colours and the amazing things I stumble upon in the wilderness. I love this place, especially on such a calm… Continue reading Beauty of nature