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Calvados and honey glazed ham with baked apples and parsnips recipe

Try something different for this year’s Christmas dinner showpiece. This deliciously succulent gammon is scored to better allow the rich, festive blend of fruity calvados, sweet honey and strong mustard to seep into the meat. Get ahead with this Christmas dinner recipe and boil the gammon the day before, to save yourself time until you… Continue reading Calvados and honey glazed ham with baked apples and parsnips recipe



A few photo's from when I was out exploring a bit and I came across this.. a giant's footprint? I was so confused and still am right now. It's massive, probably about 3 times as big as my little size 5 feet.. What do you think it is? Such calm and breathtaking views, over the… Continue reading Exploring


My adventures

Hey readers, this is a place that I visited a few years ago and it is just breathtakingly beautiful. I loved every second being here and every adventure that followed. The absolute nostalgia is beyond me. If you truly love Nature, you will find beauty everywhere. -Vincent Van Gogh Have a great day readers, Lots… Continue reading My adventures



You think that you can define me, That I'm just another tick in the box, That my being is a door, That a single key unlocks, But let me tell you something, I have the universe inside, I hold a large untamed ocean, With a constant changing tide, You don't know how it feels, When… Continue reading Undefined