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Calvados and honey glazed ham with baked apples and parsnips recipe

Try something different for this yearโ€™s Christmas dinner showpiece. This deliciously succulent gammon is scored to better allow the rich, festive blend of fruity calvados, sweet honey and strong mustard to seep into the meat. Get ahead with this Christmas dinner recipe and boil the gammon the day before, to save yourself time until you… Continue reading Calvados and honey glazed ham with baked apples and parsnips recipe



A few photo's from when I was out exploring a bit and I came across this.. a giant's footprint? I was so confused and still am right now. It's massive, probably about 3 times as big as my little size 5 feet.. What do you think it is? Such calm and breathtaking views, over the… Continue reading Exploring


Lexi loves leaves!

I was just out in the garden today. Clicking some photos of the beautiful leaves that have fallen of the tree's. I just admire the changes and deep beauty that lies within nature. And, this little princess was out and about too. So, she thought that she would come over to investigate and see what… Continue reading Lexi loves leaves!


It’s the simple things

So, no crazy driving miles for me today, because I'm feeling a bit under the weather. I just decided to go somewhere quite close by. I found this beautiful photo opportunity of the blue sky trying to come through the rain/thunder clouds. It is honestly the simple things in life and nature that I love… Continue reading It’s the simple things


Beauty of nature

Hey readers, just a peaceful day for mindful walk. (While the rain is off!) I love walking and just being in nature in general. I find nature just so fascinating. All of the beauty, the colours and the amazing things I stumble upon in the wilderness. I love this place, especially on such a calm… Continue reading Beauty of nature


Morning walks

Hey readers, just a lovely day for a mind clearing or inspiring walk. I walked miles up into the beautiful tall hills and had to stop to admire this view. This is things that I'll never forget. Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better. -Albert Einstein Have a great day readers,… Continue reading Morning walks


Green sangria recipe

Packed full of lime, mint and basil, this thirst quenching green sangria is the perfect drink for entertaining. Serves 6 (makes 1 ltr) Ingredients 3 limes, sliced 1/2 x 30g pack fresh mint, leaves picked, plus extra to garnish 2 tbsp chopped fresh basil 200g (7oz) cucumber, sliced ice cubes, to serve 500ml (17fl oz)… Continue reading Green sangria recipe