Meet my furry friends!

Hey readers, so even more personal… meet my best friends in the whole entire world.

Meet lexi, she’s a female and just over 1 year old. She’s so playful and cuddly, all in the one. She’s also the only kitty that still stays with me!

My other cats basically live next door to me, as my grandfather stays there and I don’t know why but they come and visit me all the time but just prefer to sleep in his house. -the joys of confusing cats!

Anyway, Meet Gizmo, he’s just over 2 years old. He’s lazy as anything and loves his sleep. Anywhere you go, you’ll more than likely find him sleeping. I don’t have much photos of him as he’s literally always sleeping. But here’s one of him just a few months old.

Meet Blue, he’s such a poser. He’s just over 6 years old and he loves the outdoors, he’s hardly in the house. He reminds me of a fox if I’m honest.

Meet Doodles, my oldest kitty. (On the left) He’s just over 10 years old. He’s a brilliant cat, he looks out for all the other cats and has taught them the way of life round here! He’s my black beauty.

And last but not least, my big baby Broxie, he’s a black Labrador and the best dog in the whole world! He’s so friendly and such a happy dog in general, he also loves walks as much as me haha!

What else would yous like to know about me? Let me know😊

Have a great night readers,

Lots of love,


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