You think that you can define me,

That I’m just another tick in the box,

That my being is a door,

That a single key unlocks,

But let me tell you something,

I have the universe inside,

I hold a large untamed ocean,

With a constant changing tide,

You don’t know how it feels,

When I’m completely lost in my book,

Falling away in to the fantasies,

But ignored by the way I look,

It’s funny when you grow up,

Following all of the rules,

Being good and doing your best,

Avoiding all of the fools,

But when it all gets too much,

I’ll forget I’m even here,

I fetch my favourite book,

And then everything is so clear,

But that’s all part of growing up,

Always being lost in a crowd,

Then there’s the hard part,

Standing up and being proud,

Scared of making the right decisions,

Don’t regret anything you have done,

Getting noticed for individual things,

And remember you are the only one.

Lots of love,


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