Lost or confused

I’m not ENTIRELY sure where this blog is going to go, but I’m certain it will ORGANISE the hell out of my life! Well, at least I hope so. Anyway, reader, I really think this blog-thing-idea is a good way to clear my thoughts! And in the words of Byron “If I don’t write to empty my mind, I go mad.” Also it’s great to share some recipes and diy ideas I’ve found and tried.

And my dear reader, you will gradually find out who I am…

Lots of love,


5 thoughts on “Lost or confused”

  1. I also started my blog at a time where I was really confused in my life. Writing does help a lot. My blog helped me in keeping touch with my interest of photography. And then a flow developed on its own. I’m sure the same will happen for you too Jemma.
    All your writings are meaningful. Keep writing.
    ~Aman ♥️☺️

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    1. Thank you for sharing that with me I’m the exact same with my blog, honestly I still don’t 100% know where my blog is going to go or what I want to post on it yet, but really I just post what’s on my mind and things and hopefully people will relate to it etc.💜x

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